Digital Media



DMSA Council 2012-2013

Alexander Moakler
 is currently in his third undergraduate year at York, and plans to continue studying Digital Media after graduation.  He has a background in visual arts, is enthusiastic about programming, and has been learning American Sign Language for the past three years.  His primary creative interests are evolutionary simulation, brain-computer interfacing, and wearable computing.


Vice President
Raveesh Nagpal 
is a 4th year Digital Media major. He has always been interested in computers and new technology, and the Digital Media program at York offered him an opportunity to develop his skills and apply them in a fine arts perspective. He thoroughly enjoys the subversion and misuse of technology to create new and interesting projects.


Financial Officer
Catty Chan 
is a fourth-year student in Digital Media. She likes to explore UXD, cognitive behaviours, and physical interactivity in her work.  Catty is a practicing photographer who creates and produces short films.


Public Relations
Diana C. 
finds it very uncomfortable to write things about herself, but she can say that she's interested in gaming, baking cute things and making crafts.


Samantha Puder
 is a 4th year Digital Media major. Her interests in Digital Media are more towards the technical side, things like programming and Arduino. Digital Media is giving her the chance to apply her technical background in fine arts. The other things she enjoys include baking, playing video games and singing.


4th Year Representative
Nicolas Ferrante
is a 4th year Digital Media major. He always likes to keep himself busy, whether it be programming, editing videos, or hacking items together with Arduino and MaxMSP. When he is not working, he likes to sit back and relax by playing video games (Zelda, Batman, Halo, Borderlands, Splinter Cell, and did I mention Zelda), creating cosplays, reading comics, or just browsing the web with Mumford and Sons playing in the background.


3rd Year Representative
Assaf Gadot
enrolled in the Digital Media program to further his efforts of emerging as a practicing media artist, and is working towards creating interactive gallery pieces. He is most proficient with the Max/MSP/Jitter programming environment. His interests include motion tracking, audio/video transmodality, experimentation with electronic music, and the role of mathematics in art. He also loves movies!


2nd Year Representative
Shianney Zaelani is a young learning artist, amateur musician and photographer who is very prone to longboarding accidents. Her interests include graphic design, human-computer interaction, and web design and development. She also enjoys sharing her homemade sweets and savouries.


1st Year Representative
Jennifer Wu is from the Canadian prairies and loves the busy city life of Toronto. She enjoys good literature, good food, and a lot of nice clothes. (She also likes programming and photography.)