Digital Media



DMSA Council 2013-2014


Lex Moakler

I am a 4th year Digital Media student. I make responsive installations and interactive performances, and am passionate about collaborating with other artists. I work with Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Queer communities in Toronto, both socially and artistically.

Vice President

Samantha Puder

Hello my name is Sam, and I am a senior Digital Media student here at York. I like baking and pretty things. Also flowers, love and unicorns.


Alex Ornat

Hello! Name's Alex Ornat - 4th-year DM student. Love photography, graphic design, video games, and longboarding. Music is pretty cool, too. Stay classy.

Director of Public Relations

LaLaine Ulit-Destajo

LaLaine is a hat-wearing, food-loving 3rd Year Digital Media Student. Taker of Photos. Watcher of Films. Sci-Fi Aficionado and Collector of Mysteries.

Director of Programs

Denise Enriquez

A Third Year Digital Media major with a love for survival horror and tragic tales, Nichie is often reminded that the great out there cannot compare to the great within all of us.

Senior Representative

Cătălina Constantin

Hi! My name is Catalina, you can call me Cata. I love collecting Lego Xbox games, autographs of Sci-fi people, and books. If you love Harry Potter and Sci-fi give me a shout!

Second Year Representative

Miguel Ocampo-Gooding

Hi, my name is Miguel Ocampo-Gooding and I'm the 2nd year representative for the DMSA. When not in studying, you can find me explaining the intricacies of poutine and why fries, gravy, and cheese curds make my world go round.

First Year Representative

Daniel James

I'm a first year Digital Media student, and I decided to join the DMSA so that I could get involved with the Digital Media community and student body. I like computers and don't know what I'm doing with my life yet.

CASA Representative

William Cook

I'm William Cook and I am a 2nd year student in Digital Media and have recently become an active member of the Digital arts community. Win what!?! You can likely find me wondering the Village or at the Absinthe pub, chillin' like a villain.


Jeff Tuxworth

Hi my name is Jeff Tuxworth. The pleasure is all mine I'm sure. I am a 4th year Digital Media (DM) student who likes good friends, good beer, good music, and minimal design. My ideal perfect date would be: chilling on beach, an expensive dinner, and a funny movie (in that order). Also I play drums.


Rhys Mendes

Rhys is a third-year Digital Media student with an affinity for electronic art, music and all things strange. He also loves sugar in all its lovely forms, unambiguously dislikes prejudice and fenugreek, and his favourite shade of green is black.




Dale Rosen

The webmaster maintains the DMSA website ( ensuring that all of the information on the website is up to date. This involves uploading and removing content regarding recent news and events involving/concerning the DMSA and students in the Digital Media program.