Digital Media



Current Students and New Requirements

The requirements that are being put into place for new students in FW2014 will be phased in over the next few years so that all the courses that are needed for current students to complete their degrees following the requirements that were applicable for the entering year will be in place.

While most current students will not be affected by these changes, as a student who started the Digital Media Specialized Honours program before 2014, you may want to complete your degree following the revised curriculum. Generally, the degree requirements that are in place when you start a degree are the ones that apply to you. i.e. if you started in 2012 then look at the calendar for that year (

To follow the FW2014 requirements, you will need to satisfy all of the requirements of the revised curriculum. This means that you will need to take two new courses, DATT 1100 3.0 and DATT 2100 3.0. The only substitute that is permitted is the following:

  • FA/DATT 2936 3.0 (formerly FA/FACS 2936) and FA/DATT 3936 3.0 (formerly FA/FACS 3936) can be used in lieu of FA/DATT 3700 6.0 and vice versa. i.e. DATT 2936 + DATT 3936 == DATT 3700